I've Never Been Good With Words

Anonymous asked: "For the anon that asked about Blaine being lefty... In Saturday Night Glee-ver, right before they started singing You Should Be Dancing, Blaine is holding his pencil in his right hand, not his left. So unless that changed through the seasons..."

If i’m remembering the right person correctly I believe their ask said something about Blaine being originally left handed but forcing himself to switch to right? I may be thinking of the wrong anon though

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

Favourite s5 performances: 05x10: Jumpin’ Jumpin’
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The New York Times Review of Funny Girl  

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modern day rebels

This makes me happy


When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester



You have the power, Blaine, embrace it.

Hey heart on the road again.
Moving on forward.