Because All of Me Loves All of You

Cooper cuddled up on his hotel bed, shoes kicked off and pants undone. Yes, this was living. Not that Cooper didn’t love LA and the small but plentiful acting jobs he was slowly getting, but sometimes it was nice to kick back and relax in a nice hotel.

When Blaine had called him and told him Kurt had broken up with him earlier that month Cooper had thought the kid was kidding. But as he slowly realized this was not, in fact, a joke, Cooper high-tailed it over to Lima for, as he dubbed it, ‘the Anderson Brothers’ Get-Blaine-and-Kurt-Back-Together Road Trip’. He even made himself a t-shirt.

When they were driving, Cooper had listened to Blaine ramble on and on about his plans to surprise Kurt with romance and courting (Blaine’s words, not Cooper’s). He repeated it so many times that by the time they pulled up to their hotel Cooper was sure it had already happened and he’d lived it.

So now Blaine was off on a romantic night with Kurt. In fact, Blaine and Kurt were probably back at Kurt’s apartment getting it on at that very moment. “Romance and courting my ass,” Cooper laughed aloud to himself, “Teenage boys fuck more than rabbits.”

Cooper snuggled deeper into his pillows, watching mindless television (and smirking ever-so-slightly to himself every time one of his commercials came on) and settled in for a slow night. He wasn’t expecting Blaine to call him or text him telling him not to worry, but when Cooper’s phone rang he laughed and shook his head. Blaine always was the more responsible of the two.

Unlocking his phone, Cooper expected to see Don’t wait up for me on his screen. What he saw instead made his heart drop.

Please come get me.

Cooper stared at his phone for a long moment, trying to process the words on the screen. Was that code for something? Was that meant for Kurt? What-

Cooper jumped nearly a foot in the air as his phone began to ring. “Hello??”


The older brother felt his heart shatter at the sound of his little brother sobbing on the other end of the phone. “Blaine? Blaine, what-”

“It didn’t work,” Blaine sobbed, “Can you please just – can you please come get me?”

It didn’t work. Cooper let those words sink in for a minute. He honestly hadn’t considered that even to be a possibility. “I—ok, ok, where are you?”

“B-Battery Park.” Blaine sniffled on the other line.

“Ok. Ok, I’ll be there soon, Blainey.”

Cooper ran from the room so fast he had to return to get his shoes and coat before running to the elevator with both items in hand.

Cooper had lived in New York before he moved to LA so he still had a pretty good map of the city in his head. So despite the hotel being a little ways away from the park, the older brother bolted for the park. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, getting screamed at by passersby as he nearly slammed into them.

When he finally rounded a corner and saw the park he found himself running even faster even though his legs burned. As he entered the park he looked around frantically, about to call out for his little brother, until the teen came into view on a park bench in the middle of the park.

“Blaine!” Cooper called, jogging over to his brother and trying to catch his breath at the same time. “Blaine, what-”

The high school senior launched himself at his brother, slamming so hard into Cooper’s chest the older brother almost forgot how to breathe for a second. But instantly, Cooper wrapped his arms around Blaine and held him close, pressing a hand to the back of Blaine’s head as he buried his face in the crook of Cooper’s neck. “Blaine,” Cooper choked out, trying not to cry at the sight of his little brother crying. Usually Cooper was the one in hysterics. “Buddy, what happened?” Blaine just shook his head against Cooper’s shoulder, not giving an answer. Cooper glanced around the park, “Wait, did they leave you here?” Blaine once again said nothing, “Those stupid fuckers! Do they realize what could happen to you by yourself in the middle of the night in New York City?! I mean what the fuck-”

“Cooper,” Blaine cut Cooper off, speaking for the first time, voice sounding so shaky. “Can we just—can we just go back to the hotel and sleep until next weekend?”

Cooper found his lower lip quivering slightly at how broken his little brother sounded, his anger dissipating. “Yeah, buddy. We can do just that…and we can order room service to bring us up some ice cream too.” Blaine didn’t smile or laugh, he merely nodded.

Cooper felt like he wanted to vomit. He’d never seen his little brother this upset, not even during their epic fight before they made up last year. “Ok, buddy, c’mon.” He finally said, “Let’s go.”

Wrapping an arm tight around Blaine’s shoulders, Cooper didn’t let go of Blaine the whole walk back to the hotel room. And that night, when both brothers were in bed but neither was sleeping, when Blaine slipped into Cooper’s bed, the older brother said nothing of it. He just pulled the teen close and tried not to feel like his own heart had been broken.

“I love you, Blainey.” He whispered into the dark room, “Don’t give up hope. We’ll figure something out.”

And when Blaine began to cry into Cooper’s shoulder, Cooper did the only thing he could do: he pulled Blaine closer and tried not to cry himself. 

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