Because All of Me Loves All of You

In which Kurt is kidnapped and a ‘Mini Iron Man’ saves the day. 

Kurt let out a grunt as he tugged hard on rope around his wrists. He was more annoyed than afraid. When the masked man had shown up at the party Kurt was attending with his father, swept Kurt away, and made threats about all the things he was going to ‘fix’ by holding Kurt hostage, the teen was just sort of bored.

Sure, he was kind of scared for his life, but this guy was kind of an idiot. More so, Kurt was just scared he was going to miss dessert at the party. Senator Jackson always had the best puff pastries.

As Kurt continued to tug angrily as his restraints, a crash behind him made him jump. Craning his neck to look back, he raised an eyebrow at the scene. There stood Iron Man…or rather, mini Iron Man? He was too short to be the real deal. And he was also struggling to get over the pile of rubble he’d just created by smashing the wall.

“Ah—crap-” And yes. Mini Iron Man just crashed face first to the floor.

“Oh, great. The cavalry is here.” Kurt said sarcastically, “I’m saved.” 

As Mini Iron Man picked himself back up he shook his head and walked forward. “It’s ok!” he cried, “I’m here to save you.”

Kurt managed the swallow a snort. He felt kind of bad for the guy. He was trying.

“So what happened?” Kurt asked, “Iron Man get in a fight with a shrink ray?”

The hero seemed to stop and consider Kurt for a second. “I—I’m not that short-” Kurt just smiled sweetly, trying not to make it condescending. The smile seemed to fluster the would-be hero. “I—I was just-”

“You were just about to save me?”

Immediately the suited man nodded frantically, “Yeah, yeah! I – I’m going to save you!” He quickly went forward and began to mess with the ropes around Kurt’s wrists. It took several moments, and Kurt bit down the comments that came to mind regarding the bumbling man. “Ok, there!” Kurt pulled his arms back around him, flexing his hands to get the feeling back.

“Thank God…” Kurt mumbled. Turning to his savior. “Thank you, Mini Iron Man.”

“I’m not Mini!” He said indignantly. Kurt couldn’t help the smile that formed. As a bang sounded down the hall, Blaine quickly stepped forward. “C’mon! I’ve got to get you out of here!”

Before Kurt could let out a squawk of protest, the Mini Iron Man wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist, lifted him over his shoulder, and flew out the hole in the wall. “Hey! I—I don’t like heights! Put me down!” Kurt cried, but Mini Iron Man ignored him. “Damnit, I didn’t break free of one kidnapper to be taken by another!”

That seemed to make the hero pause, “I’m not kidnapping you!” He squawked.

“It sure feels like it!”

“Would you like me to drop you?” Kurt started at the feisty tone. Oh, so he’s got some fire to him! Kurt glanced down at his question, seeing they were several stories up.

“Ok no, don’t drop me.”

“Then hush up and hold on.”

Kurt paused, feeling like a reprimanded child for a moment before countering with “Hush up? Really? What century are you from?” Mini Iron Man didn’t say anything to that. Kurt paused again as they flew silently through the night air. “So do you have a name or are you just Mini Iron Man?”

“I’m not mini!” He cried again, “I’m five foot eight! That’s average!”

Kurt snorted, feeling himself smirk playfully, “If you say so.”

“I could just drop you. Or take you back to that warehouse.”

Kurt held tight to the metal covered biceps of the man. “Don’t you dare.” Kurt couldn’t see the guy’s face, but he was sure he was smirking now. But before Kurt could say anything else, they were closing in on the ground, landing on the front steps of where Senator Jackson’s party was. As Mini Iron Man slowly lowered Kurt to the ground, the Congressman’s son said, “Hey, you never answered my question.”

“What question?”

Kurt dusted off his suit and put his hands on his hips. “Your name?”

There was a pause, and then the wannabe hero reached up and lifted the front of his helmet, revealing a rather adorable face, bushy eyebrows, and breathtaking eyes. “My name’s Blaine.” It was not at all what Kurt had been expecting. He wasn’t really sure what he’d been expecting. Maybe Tony Stark or one of his workers, he didn’t really know. He hadn’t been expecting Tony Stark’s drop dead gorgeous son.

“Kurt.” Kurt said dumbly, shaking Blaine’s outstretched hand.

Blaine smiled, “It was a pleasure saving you, Kurt. But I should run. If my dad finds out I stole his prototype I’m dead.”

Kurt found a laugh bubbling out of his throat, “Your dad didn’t orchestrate this rescue?”

Blaine merely winked and lowered his mask, “I’d go inside, your dad’s probably worried.” And with that he started his jets, “Bye Kurt!” and was flying away.

Kurt couldn’t help the strange hope that he’d get kidnapped again soon. 

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