Because All of Me Loves All of You

As He Falls to the Ground

Based off this prompt by disneyshermione

Summary: Kurt returns to McKinley for Winter Break only to find Blaine is a lot worse for wear since their break up. At first Kurt is concerned  but then he finds out Blaine is dating Eli, the boy he cheated with. Kurt’s angry, upset…but something isn’t right here. Can Kurt set aside his hurt and jealously to help Blaine when he needs it most?

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Violence, Dub-Con, use of the R-word, slight slut shaming, and just a mess of fucked up shit. 



It’s been months since Kurt’s seen him.  Two  months, one week, and four days to be exact. And as Kurt strolled the halls of McKinley he found himself being almost cautious. Not in the way he used to be, not because he was worried about being struck or slushied. No, this was a different kind of caution.

This was caution from the heart.

He found Tina first. She was ecstatic to see him. She let out a loud squeal and threw her arms around him. Artie was next, rolling up while Tina littered his face with kisses. Artie offered him a fist to pound and a demand to come to glee. Kurt laughed, how could he say no to his old friend? As the three made their way to the choir room they caught up with Sam, Joe,  Brittany, and Sugar. He greeted them all with polite excitement and hugs. Sure, he was happy to see his old friends and his Glee successors, it was great to catch up at his old stomping grounds. But as he slowly neared the choir room behind his friends he felt nervousness hit him. He hesitated, if only for a moment, but he didn’t go unnoticed.

“He won’t be there.” Sam said quietly as the others chatted before them. “He…he’s not in Glee anymore.”

That struck Kurt. “What? Why?”

Sam shrugged, gesturing down the hall. “I don’t know man. One day he just…quit.” Kurt followed Sam’s gesture down the hall. His eyes locked on a figure familiar to Kurt…but also completely unfamiliar.

There…there stood Blaine. But it wasn’t the Blaine Kurt remembered. It wasn’t his Blaine.

He was much skinner than the last time Kurt saw him. Unhealthy looking. His cheeks sunken in, dark circles under his eyes…wait, that wasn’t a dark circle. That was a bruise. And it got worse. As a locker slammed nearby, he jumped. As he lifted a text book from his bag and put it in his locker, his hands shook. As he turned from his locker and began down the hall, he kept his head down, eyes locked on the floor. He didn’t even see Kurt as he walked right by.

God, what had happened to him?

Kurt stumbled as Brittany grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the choir room, tugging him inside. He was ripped from his thoughts as Finn pulled him into a hard hug. “Little brother!” He cried, despite the fact Kurt was older than him. “I thought you weren’t coming home ‘til this weekend?”

Kurt forced a smile, “Surprise!” He joked, almost choking on the word. All he could think of was Blaine, so small and fragile looking. Kurt forced some conversation with his friends, catching them up on his life at Vogue and his hopes to try for NYADA again. It’s not until the group dissolves into conversations of Sectionals that Kurt sidles up to his step brother.

“So…so I saw him.” He said quietly, not wanting the others to hear. “He…he doesn’t…he doesn’t look ok.”

Finn paused, only for a moment, before realization hit his features. “Oh, Blaine.” He said after a second. “Yeah he…I don’t know man. He really sort of lost it after New York.” Kurt bit his lip, not liking that the incident that was their breakup was titled with his new residence.

“What’s happened to him?”

Finn shrugged, looking through sheet music in his hands. “He’s totally out of it like all the time man. He doesn’t talk to anyone anymore. He wouldn’t even give us a reason he quit glee. He just said he couldn’t do it anymore and walked out. I don’t know if he’s like even said a word since..” Kurt felt his heart crack. Sure, he was still mad at Blaine. He was still hurt. But never…never would he wish this on the boy he still loved.  “And dude, oh man, the jocks have been brutal with him”

Kurt pauses, “Wait, what?”

“Yeah, man.” Finn says, straightening the papers against the piano with a loud clap, clap, clap. “They just sort of zoned in on him. Maybe ‘cause he’s the only gay kid now, I don’t know. But ever since we came back from fall break they’ve been all over him” Kurt’s heart goes from crack to shatter then. Blaine’s completely broken and now the jocks are piling on the bullying? Kurt almost couldn’t breathe at the thought.

“Haven’t—haven’t any of you talked to him?” Kurt asked, only slightly accusing as he glanced around the room, feeling almost angry at the thought of them not reaching out to Blaine. “I mean, he is everyone’s friend here-”

“Hey man, we’ve tried!” Finn said almost defensively, “Every time I try to talk to him he clams up. Dude doesn’t say a word. I mean, he won’t even talk to Sam and those two were tight at the beginning of the year.”

Kurt bit his lip, “He won’t talk to anyone?”

Finn shook his head, “No, man. We tried to ask if he was ok, why he quit glee – but nothing. He literally doesn’t talk anymore. Like, Britt even asked him if he lost his voice like in the Little Mermaid.”

Any anger Kurt had toward Blaine before was forgotten as Kurt was sure his heart was broken for his ex. Blaine wouldn’t talk to any of them – or maybe they just didn’t try hard enough – but maybe he’d talk to Kurt.  “Maybe – maybe I should–”

“But his boyfriend is always all over him so-”

Kurt froze.


Finn blanched, as if he just divulged the darkest secrets of the world. “I—oh shit-” Suddenly every ounce of anger Kurt felt before came slamming back at him tenfold. Blaine had a boyfriend? A boyfriend?? They’d only broken up two months ago! How—how could he?! “Kurt—shit, I didn’t want you to find out this way-”

“How long?”

Finn stopped, “What?”

“How long has he had a boyfriend?”

Finn paused, thinking about it for a moment. “I…I don’t know. Since October maybe?”

“Oc-” The word died on Kurt’s lips. They’d broken up in October! Did Blaine have no class?! Did he even mourn their relationship at all?! Or did he just jump on the first guy he found?

Kurt’s eyes narrowed, No, not the first guy he found. The guy he’d already had.

“Who is it?” He asked evenly, “Who’s he dating?”

Finn looked concerned by Kurt’s tone but tentatively answered, “I—I think he said it was Eli-”

“Eli.” Kurt repeated. Eli. The only detail Blaine had uttered about his one night stand was a slip of a name. Eli. God, did Blaine get Kurt to break up with him so he could be with Eli?? Kurt’s chest swelled with rage as a fire began to burn within him. “He’s dating the guy he cheated on me with.” Kurt ground out, voice barely audible.

“What?” Finn asked, leaning forward a little.

“Nothing.” Kurt bites, feeling kind of bad as Finn flinches a little at his tone. “Sorry. I—I need to get some air.”

“Kurt, I’m sorry-”

“It’s fine, it—I mean, it’s not, but – whatever. I just need to-” Kurt spun and rushed from the room, ignoring the questions of where he was going. He stomped down the hall, not quite sure what his destination was. But as he rounded a corner he was suddenly reminded of why he didn’t believe in God as he slammed right into his problems – literally.

Blaine crashed into Kurt’s chest, falling back and sprawling to the floor like he’d been hit by a car. Kurt hadn’t been walking that fast. “Blaine.” Kurt choked before he could stop the name from leaving his lips.

When Kurt spoke, Blaine’s head shot up, eyes widening as he saw whom he’d crashed into. “K-Kurt!” He cried, scrambling to his feet. His voice was rough, like the last time he’d spoken was when he confessed his sins two months ago.

But even as Kurt took in Blaine’s strained voice and pathetic demeanor, he couldn’t bring himself to feel the sympathy he’d felt only moments before. He was getting emotional whiplash. He could not deal with this right now.

Kurt started to turn, ready to walk in the other direction, but Blaine croaked out, “N-no, Kurt, wait!”

“Why?” Kurt snarled, spinning around.

“I—I just want to t-talk-” Blaine said quietly, shrinking back as Kurt loomed over him. And Kurt had to admit, it felt kind of good to get out his anger. Even if it left Blaine looking like a scared rabbit, a shaking leaf.

“You don’t need me to talk to, Blaine, do you? I’m not your boyfriend anymore.”

Blaine’s eyes widened a little, “Who told you-?”

“So it’s true!” Kurt squawked, interruption loud and piercing. Blaine flinched almost violently but Kurt couldn’t bring himself to care. “You’re dating the guy  you cheated on me with!!”

“K-Kurt,” Blaine stuttered, eyes welling up. “I-”

“Were you even sorry??”

Blaine’s eyes widened, “I—of course I was-I am-”

“This really doesn’t seem like it!” Kurt screamed, practically in Blaine’s face.

“Please—just—let me—let me explain-”

Kurt took a threatening step forward and Blaine flinched back, pressing himself into the wall of the hallway behind him. “You…you cheat on me, you start to date the guy you cheated with the same month we broke up – and you – and you want me to let you explain?!”

Blaine looked like he was going to collapse right there in a fit of sobs, “Kurt, please-” He begged, “I—this isn’t easy for me to-”

“Oh no, Blaine,” Kurt snarled, nose going into the air. “Clearly the only easy thing around here is you.” 

Blaine flinched back as if struck, eyes so wide and red. The look of…of almost horror on Blaine’s face kind of struck Kurt. Blaine looked like Kurt had just said the worst thing he could ever possibly say to him. He looked physically sick at the comment. For a second, Kurt actually regretted his comment.

Blaine didn’t say a word in response. Instead, he let out a quiet squeak that Kurt couldn’t even begin to try to decipher into words and rushed past Kurt, running down the hall and out of sight.

Kurt’s shoulders heaved and his chest ached. He had no idea what he was supposed to be feeling right now. God he was just so—so—outraged seemed like the wrong word, upset was the understatement of the year, and no other word in the English language seemed to come to mind.

Kurt was just…he was everything and nothing all at once.

“Kurt?” The emotional teen turned to see his step brother standing at the end of the hall, the other glee club members peeking around the corner. “I—we heard you yelling-”

Kurt let out a loud huff, “I’m gonna go home. I’ll see you guys later.” No one questioned him then, no one needed to, as Kurt rushed from the building. He needed to get away from here,  away from the memories, away from Blaine. He just wanted it all to stop. He just wanted the pain to stop.

But as hot tears welled up in his eyes as he rushed to his car, Kurt wasn’t sure it ever would.


It took a few days for Kurt to agree to leave his house again. He was enjoying just hanging out at home with his dad and Carole and Finn, but half the reason he came home was for the rest of his family – the gleeks. But he wasn’t until Rachel and the others got home for their Christmas breaks that Kurt allowed himself to go out with the group.

“Kurstie!” Puck cried as the group met up outside of Breadstix. “It’s good to see you, man!”

“Hey, Puck!” Kurt greeted, trying not to make his excitement too forced. Sure, he was really happy to see all his friends, of course he was. But he was still…his wounds were still fresh. But that was why he was going out tonight, so he could be with people who actually loved him, so he could have fun and forget.

“You look great! Finn’s been tellin’ be all about his fashion gig – knew you had it in you, man.” Puck grinned, punching Kurt’s shoulder lightly.

Kurt laughed and rolled his eyes, “Ok, you’re laying it on a bit thick there, Puck.”

Puck’s smile faltered ever-so-slightly and Kurt actually felt bad for the guy. He’d never said it, but Kurt knew (thanks to a drunken confession) that Puck found Kurt and Blaine absolutely adorable, that he was going to “totally base all my relationships off you guys, dude. That is true love.” He’d probably taken their break up pretty hard.

And from the slight looks in everyone’s eyes, Kurt knew they all knew not only about the break up, but about the latest installments on the drama. Kurt let out a heavy sigh, Don’t let it bother you. Tonight is about fun.

The group scrambled inside and got a big table in the back – or rather, three big tables pushed together. “Oh God, the old gang’s all back together!” Rachel cried, teary eyed. “It’s just like old times!”

“Don’t make me emotional, Rachel!”

“Yeah, we all know when Tina gets emotional it’s time to grab the umbrellas.”


As the group began to laugh and joke, falling into their old easy rapport, Kurt felt himself ease into the situation. He felt a genuine smile spread across his face. Kurt had done nothing but think of Blaine since their break up, and since their fight three days ago he’d done nothing but think of Blaine’s actions. He could do nothing but wallow, angry and hurt, wondering what could have been, wondering where it had all gone wrong. But as he sat here now with old friends and much laughter he felt himself feel like maybe, just maybe, he could be ok again.

That is, until someone sat at the booth only 20 feet away.

Kurt didn’t notice them at first, he’d been so focused on reminiscing with his friends, on enjoying the night, that he didn’t even see them. It wasn’t until there was quiet whispers and odd shared glances around the table that Kurt knew something was wrong. He followed Mercedes’ not-so-discrete gaze and his eyes widened.

There, in the booth not far from them, was Blaine. But he wasn’t alone, no.

He was with Eli.

“Don’t pay attention to them, Kurt.” Rachel said suddenly, “They don’t matter.”

Kurt felt his stomach twist. Everyone here had been friends with Blaine. It was just as uncomfortable for them as it was for him…ok maybe it was a little more uncomfortable for him. He’s angry, he’s jealous. He can admit it. He didn’t have a boyfriend, he wasn’t about to bounce back like Blaine had.

As Kurt blinked at the couple, his heart ached. He knew why it hurt so bad, why it was so much worse than Kurt ever could have thought. Because deep down, deep down in his core, Kurt had hoped to make up with Blaine. He wanted to forgive him. He wanted his boyfriend back. He’d dreamed of having a reunion with him at Christmas. He’d dreamed of epic apologies and make up kisses. He’d dreamed of Blaine’s explanation, Kurt had his forgiveness speech all planned out.

He hadn’t wanted it to be over. He still didn’t want it to be over.

He still loved Blaine.

But it was worse, so much worse than Kurt could have ever thought, because Blaine was with someone else, Blaine maybe still didn’t love him, he had moved on. There would be no apologies and no make ups. Kurt’s fantasies of getting back with Blaine were crushed, and that’s what hurt.

Kurt forced the thoughts aside and forced a smile as he glanced to his friend, “You know what? Who cares?” He raised his glass of pop as if to say cheers and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen you guys all together since the summer, I’m not gonna let something so unimportant get to me.” He took a sip of his drinks as the others forced smiles of their own before changing the subject.

And yeah, Kurt was pretty sure he’d never file Blaine away as ‘unimportant’, but at the moment he had to tell himself he could.

So Kurt ignored them. He focused on his friends, on reminiscing, on making new memories and sharing funny stories. It was going well, so well that he’d almost forgotten about Blaine. His play to ignore them was working.

Until it proved impossible.                  

Kurt’s eyes flickered over to the booth as Blaine’s Prince Charming raised his voice. Kurt raised an eyebrow. Trouble in paradise? Good. Kurt turned back to his awkward looking friends, trying to listen as Mike tried to continue his story and let everyone ignore the booth 20 feet away, but the Asian teen’s attempts proved futile.

“Blaine, shut up!”  Eli’s back was to Kurt, but Kurt could see Blaine. The teen’s face was bright red and he was sinking down in his seat a bit. He leaned forward, said something quietly, and Eli loudly replied, “No I will not quiet down!” Kurt feels his heart sink a little. Blaine looks mortified. And yeah, he’s still mad at him but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel second-hand embarrassment for him.

“Eli, I don’t understand why you’re upset-” Blaine’s voice is small, timid, but it carries over to Kurt’ s ears.

“Maybe if you didn’t flirt with the waiter I wouldn’t be upset!”

“I didn’t!” Kurt doesn’t even hear Blaine’s squeak, but he sees him mouth it.

“Oh, God, this is mortifying.” Tina whispered suddenly, brining everyone’s attention back to their own table. “I mean like – I feel so bad for him.”

“Yeah, that guy’s a douche.” Sam says, glaring in the booth’s direction.

“Well,” Rachel said, sticking her nose in the air, “Serves Blaine right for cheating on Kurt!” Kurt sighs heavily as the others glare. He knew she was just trying to help, he knew it was because she was his best friend – she’d always take his side. But that didn’t mean he didn’t feel really awkward in that moment.

“Maybe let’s just…after our dessert gets here maybe we should go.” Kurt said quietly, and the others nodded in agreement. They’d had enough awkward for one night. They could go somewhere else.

But for some reason, the world had other plans. Their desserts were taking far too long. Did they have to go all the way to Italy to get that cannoli? In that time, the group tried to keep their focus on themselves, on their conversations, and they were all succeeding. All but Kurt.

Kurt couldn’t keep his eyes from Blaine’s booth.

Despite the loud restaurant, all Kurt could hear was those two boys. “You’re really going to eat all that?”

Blaine glanced from his Caesar Salad to his ‘boyfriend’. “I—well I mean-”

“And God, Blaine, why can’t you just hold that fork like you’re not a total retard? It’s fucking embarrassing. Why do I even bother to take you out? I should just call the short bus to come pick you up-”

Kurt’s eyes widened in horror at that. Didn’t Eli know about the nerve damage from Sadie Hawkins? He was Blaine’s boyfriend, he should know that and not call Blaine a – a – such a terrible word. Kurt could think back to countless nights where he’d held Blaine as he cried, so upset with his disability. He was incredibly sensitive about it. It was the one thing that would always bring Blaine to tears without a doubt.

Kurt could feel the fire inside him growing.

Blaine looked down, tears in his eyes as he set his fork down with a shaking hand. “Hey,” Eli hissed, reaching over and forcing Blaine’s head up with a hard jerk. “I’m fucking talking to you, don’t look away from me you little cunt.”

Ok, that’s it. Kurt can’t take it anymore.


The teen ignores his friends’ inquires as he pushes his chair back with a sharp skid, stomping around his table and towards the booth. He may be angry with Blaine, he may still hurt a lot over what happened, but no one – no one – talks to Blaine like that.

“Hey,” Kurt snarled, stomping up to the booth. Out of the corner of his eye, Kurt can see his friends watching, some even rising to their feet, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. All his focus was on Blaine, all his focus was on the boy he’d once loved and still loved with all his heart despite all the hurt.

All his focus was on that black eye Kurt had thought the jocks had given him, but oddly enough it had grown in size since Kurt last saw the teen.

“Who the fuck are you?” Eli asked in a not so kind tone.

“Kurt, what are you doing-” Blaine started to whisper, a desperate look in his eye, but before Kurt could answer Eli jumped right on the other teen’s words.

This is Kurt? This is the twink you were with before me?”

Excuse you?” Kurt snarled, “Listen, I’m sure you’re just darling when you get to know you but I thought I’d just give you some tips on how to act like a human being, let alone a boyfriend-

“Oh, and I’m sure you have such great advice on being a boyfriend, don’t you?” Eli hissed, Cheshire Cat grin in place.  “That’s why Blaine let me fuck him into the floor while you were still dating, huh?”

Everything about all of this hurt Kurt to his core. What Eli was saying, yes, but even worse how Blaine looked. Blaine’s face was redder than a tomato, his hand reaching up to quick hide the tears trying to break free. He looked like he wanted to die right there.

“What happened while I was still with Blaine is not my concern at the moment.” Kurt hissed, gripping the edge of the table tight. “What is my concern is Blaine.” Kurt glanced to his ex (God, it still hurt to refer to him as that), “Blaine, when I saw you at McKinley the other day I thought the jocks gave you that black eye – but now I’m starting to think it was Eli.”

Blaine’s eyes widened in horror at Kurt’s words. His wide eyes shot from Kurt to Eli. “Wait, you saw him the other day?!” Kurt looked to Eli as a look of rage swelled on the other guy’s face. “You little slut! You-” Suddenly Eli was up, shoulder checking Kurt so hard he almost lost his balance. Eli grabbed Blaine hard by the arm and ripped him from the booth.

“Eli!” Blaine squeaked quietly, sounding nothing short of petrified. “Eli, wait!”

Kurt watched with wide eyes, rooted in his spot, as Eli dragged Blaine out of the restaurant while the waitress called out that they hadn’t paid yet. Kurt turned back to his friends, who were almost all at their feet now. Everyone’s looks of shock and concern mirrored how Kurt felt at the moment.

“I need to-” Kurt didn’t even bother to finish his sentence as he turned and rushed out to follow the ‘couple’. As Kurt reached the doors, he glanced through them just in time to see Eli fiercely slap Blaine across the face.

Kurt saw red.

“HEY!” Kurt screamed as he bolted out the doors. He rushed across the parking lot to where the two were already at Eli’s car. Kurt completely lost himself in his rage as he found himself rushing at the abusive boyfriend. “You bastard!” He screamed, shoving Eli hard enough to knock him to the ground.

“Kurt!” Blaine screamed, “Kurt don’t!”

But Kurt couldn’t bring himself to listen to Blaine’s desperate tone. As Eli got back to his feet and rushed at Kurt, the other teen was ready. He ducked a punch, though miscalculated his next shove and ended up getting a fist to the jaw. Quickly he steadied himself and threw a punch of his own, remembering the few boxing lessons Blaine had given him last summer. Eli stumbled back at the blow but came flying back soon enough.

“Stop it!” Blaine screamed at the top of his lungs, getting between the two. Kurt felt a pang in his chest as Blaine pushed Eli away from Kurt. But Blaine’s attempts proved futile as Eli backhanded him so hard he went crashing back, slamming into Eli’s car and tumbling to the ground. He looked so  small - so fragile - as he fell, like he was going to shatter the second he hit the ground. It just fueled Kurt’s fire.

“You don’t get to touch him!” Kurt screeched, flying forward and punching Eli with all the force he had. With a sickening crush from Eli, the teen flew back and crashed to the ground, clutching his face. Kurt’s hand throbbed but he didn’t pay the agony any mind as only one thought ran though his mind, flashing in bright red:

No one touches Blaine.

Kurt started for Eli again ready to…Kurt wasn’t even really sure what he was ready to do. Kill? Maim? Something terrible. But a set of hands pulled him back hard. “Kurt, don’t!” When had Finn gotten outside?

“Let me go!” Kurt cried, “I’m going to kill him! I’m going to kill him!”

“Kurt stop!” Puck was here too?

“No one touches my Blaine!” Kurt screamed, thrashing, but a soft voice, a soft sob, stopped him.

“Kurt. Please.”

Kurt felt himself freeze almost dead. He spun around and all but pushed Finn off of him, making a note somewhere in his mind to thank the others as they blocked Eli off from their two friends. He made it to Blaine, who was now standing, in two quick strides. Without a word or a thought he pulled Blaine into a bone crushing hug. He held him tight, holding him like if he let go he’d disappear, like he’d never get to hold Blaine again.

“Blaine.” Kurt whispered, voice faltering as he whispered it.

“Kurt, oh God, Kurt.”

As Kurt held Blaine, despite the frantic scene around them of their friends calling the police and the staff wandering out the restaurant, Kurt couldn’t bring himself to care about any of it.

Because he had Blaine in his arms again.


“I’m not easy, Kurt.” It was whispered, quiet, as Kurt held Blaine close. The two were currently hidden in the back corner of the ER waiting room, resting on a bench by the wall, trying to keep hidden at least for a moment from hospital staff and police and parents and everyone. Blaine was cuddled up against Kurt’s chest, holding an ice pack to Kurt’s knuckles as Kurt used his other hand to stroke Blaine’s ungelled curls.

“What?” Kurt glanced down to Blaine.

“The other day, in the hall,” Blaine said quietly, “You called me easy.”

“Blaine I—” Kurt wasn’t sure what to say about that, he didn’t have an explanation besides that he was mad, hurt.

“I-I know why you said it.”Blaine said, voice still quiet, gentle. “You were mad…are mad. I…I know you are. But I…I want you to know. I’m not easy.”

Kurt didn’t say anything for a long moment, he wasn’t sure what to say. “Blaine, I…” He started slowly. “What I said…I’m still mad…but I-”

“Why did you help me, then?”

Kurt blinked, “What?”

“If you’re still mad, if you still—still hate me—why did you step in? In Breadstix?”

Kurt’s eyes widened, “Blaine—I—I don’t hate you. I-I never could.”

Blaine blinked up at Kurt, tears in his eyes, “But – why? Why did you help me?”

Kurt found tears of his own in his eyes. “Blaine I – I’m hurt yeah, but did you ever think—did you ever think I would let someone treat you like that?”

Blaine shrugged weakly against Kurt, looking down to the ice pack again, “I deserved it-”

“No. No. Blaine. You—you didn’t deserve anything-

“But I do.” Blaine whispered. “I – I answered his messages. I agreed to go to his house when he invited me. I made out with him and let him—let him touch me-” A quiet sob escaped Blaine at that, “I didn’t stop it, even though I knew it was wrong. I couldn’t stop him when-”

“Couldn’t.” Kurt repeated, voice quiet, eyes widening.

“What?” Blaine asked quietly, glancing up to Kurt.

“You said couldn’t. You couldn’t stop him.”

Blaine’s brow furrowed, “N-no—I said didn’t-”

“No, Blaine, you said couldn’t – you couldn’t stop him – did – did he-”

“Kurt, please don’t,” Blaine begged, tears in his eyes. “Don’t—don’t-”

“Blaine did he force you-?” Kurt could feel his mouth go dry, all the air leaving him. “Did he force you to-”

“No.” Blaine said, a little too quickly. “No, he—I went there, I let him touch me—it’s my fault-”

“Blaine, no, if he forced you, you know it’s not your fault, right?” Kurt asked, voice begging, “Just like him hurting you wasn’t your fault?” Blaine didn’t said anything, “Oh God Blaine, I—I’m so sorry—God, how did everything get so fucked up?” He whispered, wrapping his arms around Blaine and pulling him closer.

“Kurt I deserved all of this-”

“God, Blaine—God Blaine, no-

“I deserved all of this, but what I don’t deserve is you.” Blaine sobbed, ignoring Kurt’s tearful interjectings,  looking back up and deep into his ex(?)-boyfriend’s eyes. “So why do I have you? Why are you here?” Blaine blinked, the tears slipping off his chin and onto Kurt’s pant leg. “Do I have you?”

“I’m here because despite everything that’s happened – all of this – all that I thought what happened and all that d-did,” Kurt stumbled on the horrifying thought, making sure to bring it up when he finally did let the police find them, “I never, ever stopped loving you. You’re the love of my life, and I meant all those things I said before I left. I’ll never say goodbye to you, I’ll never go anywhere. Not now…especially not now.” Kurt swallowed hard and reached one hand to lightly lift Blaine’s chin so he would meet Kurt’s eye. “And you have me, Blaine.” He whispered, voice steady on for a moment, “You have me, always and forever.”

Blaine’s lower lip quivered. “I love you, Kurt.” He whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

“Please stop apologizing,” Kurt breathed, tears in his eyes.

“I love so much,” Blaine repeated.

“I love you too, I always will.” Kurt hugged Blaine close again, pressing his lips to Blaine’s curls.

They sat in silence for a moment, “Should we tell the others where we are?” Kurt whispered as his phone vibrated beside him.

“No, not yet. I just want to…I just want you to hold me a little longer.”

“I’ll always be here to hold you, Blaine.” Kurt whispered, “I’ll never let go.”

And somehow, in that moment, despite all that had happened, being in each other’s arms was all they needed. Those two broken boys took their shattered pieces and fit them together, they’d found their missing puzzle pieces once again. And everything felt…better. Everything felt like it could be ok again.

And as long as they were together, maybe it could.

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