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A Whole New World (Part 2)

Summary: When Burt and Carole applied to be foster parents they knew their life was going to change, not just for them but for their 6 year old sons as well. But when they take in Blaine and Cooper Anderson, two boys taken from their abusive parents, they’re taken onto a new journey they never imagined. They knew it was going to be hard, they knew it would be rewarding…but they never thought they’d fall in love so completely and totally so quickly.

Note: This is pretty much introductory stuff, but regardless I hope you still enjoy it!

Link to Part One

Burt was about half-way done with the fourth entrée when the front door slammed open.

“Are they here?? Are they here??” He quickly ran out from the kitchen to the walk-way so Finn wouldn’t go barreling up the steps and scare the shit out of their new family members. “Burt!” Finn cried excitedly when he saw his step father emerge from the kitchen. “Burt, are they here??”

Burt glanced to Carole and Kurt as they walked up, noting how Kurt as well was bouncing slightly, clearly filled with just as much excitement as Finn but at least trying to keep his more in-check.

“Boys can we talk in the kitchen for a second?” Burt asked, and both boys deflated a little. Clearly they just wanted to go upstairs and play with their new brothers. Burt was incredibly thankful for that, but the boys needed to understand that Cooper and Blaine weren’t just ordinary boys.

As Finn and Kurt walked into the kitchen, Burt hung back as Carole quietly asked, “How are they?”

Burt couldn’t stop the first words that tumbled out of his mouth, “Carole you’re going to love them.” Immediately the woman before him practically turned to a pile of goo right there. “But they’re…they’re scared. Well not scared just…cautious. Very cautious.” Carole nodded, her look hardening. She’d read the files too. She knew what these poor things had been through. She could only guess what kind of nightmares these poor boys had, what kind of monsters they saw in everyday people.

“But they’re…they’re nice boys?”

Burt smiled, “Oh, Carole, they’re the sweetest.” He was unable not to gush when he thought of those sweet boys upstairs. “They’re very attached to each other, though. Blaine is always touching Cooper somehow. It’s just…”

“Heartbreaking?” Carole supplied, to which Burt nodded.

“Are you guys gonna talk out there all night?” Finn called from the kitchen, making Burt snort and Carole chuckle. The parents made their way into the kitchen, where Kurt sat at the kitchen table and Finn tried to see what Burt was cooking. “Why are you making so much stuff?”

“Because I want Blaine and Cooper to have an amazing welcome home meal.” Burt answered, ushering the boy to sit beside his brother. “Ok, now boys. I know you’re excited about Blaine and Cooper-”

“I’m getting an older brother and a younger brother!” Finn exploded, cutting Burt off, “I’m so excited!!”

Burt chuckled, shaking his head at Finn. “I know you are son, but listen. I need you boys to understand…Blaine and Cooper, they’re…well, they’re very special.”

“Carole says we’re special all the time.” Finn supplied, to which Kurt rolled his eyes.

“This is a different kind of special, Finn. A bad kind.”

“No, it’s not a bad kind, Kurt.” Carole cut in, placing a hand on Burt’s arm. “They’re just special. They’ve been through a lot and they’re still recovering from it.”

Kurt bit his lip, “Did they lose their mom too?”

Burt knelt down in front of his son, looking from Kurt to Finn. “They never knew their mother.” He said sadly, to which Finn looked horrified.

“They never knew their mom? Not even from pictures or stories?”

Burt shook his head, “But that’s not what…” He sighed deeply, trying to figure out the best way to tell this story delicately. “Ok, boys, listen very carefully ok? Blaine and Cooper…they’ve been hurt. Their father wasn’t a nice man and he hurt them.”

“Their dad hurt them?” Kurt asked quietly, as if such an idea had never occurred to him.

Burt nodded sadly, “Yes, their father was a horrible man. But that’s why we’re their family now. We’re going to give them a nice home and be incredibly accommodating to them, ok?”

“What does accommodating mean?” Finn asked, and though Kurt tried to hold a superior look Burt could tell he wanted to ask the same thing.

“It means we’ll give them anything they need.” Carole supplied, “Within reason, of course. But we’re going to make this a home for them. This is home for them now. And we want it to feel that way. We want them to feel comfortable and loved, ok? Can you boys do that?” Both of them nodded seriously, very serious about the task at hand. “But you also need to remember to be…well, delicate. They may not be ready for you to be yelling and screaming and running around like crazy ok? They may get nervous or scared…don’t be upset if they run away from you or seem scared, ok? We just need to help them get used to our home and us. We can all help them do that, right?” Both boys nodded once again, and Carole couldn’t help but smile. Bending down she kissed them both on the forehead. “You’re both wonderful boys.”

“Mooooom.” Finn whined, to which Carole chuckled.

“I just love you boys so much. Thank you for being so good about this.”

Burt glanced to the food on the stove and said, “I’m going to finish this up and start getting everything ready. Why don’t you boys set the table?” Finn and Kurt quickly did as asked, making sure to make the place settings for Blaine and Cooper extra neat. As they got the many dishes Burt had prepared settled on the table, Burt said, “Alright, I’m going to go get them ok?” Everyone nodded, Finn and Kurt running around the room trying to find the best spot to greet their new brothers from. Burt chuckled and shook his head as he exited the room.

Making his way upstairs he cautiously turned into the boys’ room, knocking lightly on the door. He found the room still was in pristine condition, though the duffle bags were no longer in sight. Cooper and Blaine’s shoes were neatly lined up at the foot of the bed, and both boys were curled up on top of the bed. Blaine was fast asleep, Cooper curled around him. At the knock, Cooper, whose eyes had been open and staring off into space, quickly jerked his head up to look at Burt.

“Oh, I’m sorry boys.” Burt smiled, “I didn’t mean to interrupt your nap.”

Cooper quickly shook his head, “No, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be coming back so soon-”

Burt smiled warmly, though it was forced thanks to how desperate Cooper sounded. “It’s ok son, just take a breath. I’m not going to get angry because you boys decided to take a nap.” Cooper paused at that, as if considering it. Burt wondered how these boys managed to make trouble in their other homes when all they were trying to do here was not make Burt angry. Perhaps because they wanted to stay here? Burt could only hope. “I don’t mean to wake him, but dinner is ready.”

Cooper nodded, looking at Burt for a long moment, as if considering him before looking down to his little brother. “Hey…buddy, wake up.” The five year old blinked his eyes open, glancing up to his brother. “It’s dinner time, Blainey. I know you’re hungry.” Cooper smiled warmly, laughingly, down at his brother. Burt hoped one day he could make both boys smile like that.

“I am.” Blaine said quietly, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“Well I’m glad to hear it,” Burt joked, causing Blaine to notice him for the first time. As he looked to Burt, Blaine didn’t shy away this time. But still, he reached over and took his brother’s hand without a word. “I made a lot of food. And Carole and the boys are here, are you up to meeting them?”

Blaine paused, looking to Cooper who gave Blaine a brave smile. “We’re ready to meet them, right, Blainey?” At his brother’s assurance, Blaine nodded too, looking back to Burt.

“Well c’mon, boys. They’re down in the kitchen.” Cooper nodded and climbed off the bed, taking Blaine with him. As they went for their shoes Burt shook his head, “You boys don’t have to wear shoes inside if you don’t want to. The boys certainly don’t.” Cooper nodded and left the shoes, leading Blaine behind Burt as they made their way downstairs. “Now Kurt and Finn are very…rambunctious. Don’t be put off by them. They’re just really excited to meet you guys.” Burt laughed, glancing back to the boys. At their surprised looks, Burt wanted to punch something. They shouldn’t be surprised someone is excited to meet them.

As they rounded into the kitchen, Burt found Finn and Kurt standing in odd positions, trying to look as nonchalant as possible, but as soon as they laid eyes on Blaine and Cooper they dropped the acts and their eyes lit up. They thankfully didn’t bolt forward at the boys, but from the ways their legs shook Burt could tell they were resisting the urge.

“Hi!” Kurt said, the first to speak. Burt smiled, and made his way to stand with his wife and sons. Kurt took slow steps forward (or at least, slow for him) and held out his hand in front of Blaine, looking between the five year old and Cooper. “My name is Kurt! I’m six and a half and my dad said you’re about to turn six so we’re the same age!”

Blaine looked from Kurt to his hand then up to Cooper. Cooper gave Blaine an encouraging look, nodding, to which Blaine took Kurt’s hand and cautiously shook it. Burt could even see the ghost of a smile form on his lips as he looked at Kurt’s face. Kurt’s smile grew about ten sizes at that.

Finn was suddenly at Kurt’s side too. Blaine flinched at the sudden arrival but surprisingly enough didn’t shrink away into Cooper’s leg. “I’m Finn!” He said excitedly, looking from Blaine to Cooper. “I’m Kurt’s brother. I’m the same age too!”

“You’re a month younger than me, Finn!” Kurt cried, clearly triumphant.

“But you just told Blaine he’s you’re age even though he’s younger.” Finn whined, pouting.

“Yeah, because Blaine is special!” Kurt said, turning back to Blaine and smiling bright. “Aren’t you, Blaine?”

Though Blaine still didn’t smile, Burt could see a light in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. Looking up to Cooper for approval, Cooper actually laughed slightly. “Yes, Blainey, you are special.”

Finn looked back up at Cooper as he spoke, looking almost awed by him. “I always wanted an older brother.” He told him, “Kurt says he’s my older brother but he’s not a real older brother. I know you’re Blaine’s older brother but do you think you could be mine too?”

At that, Cooper’s jaw dropped a little, surprised by the kind words. If Burt didn’t know any better, he’d say Cooper almost wanted to cry. “Me too!” Kurt cut in, “I want a big brother too!” Looking to Blaine, Kurt asked, “Blaine, can we share your big brother?”

Blaine took a slight step closer to Cooper, his tiny hand tightening in Cooper’s hold. He looked from Cooper to Finn and Kurt and seemed to consider the question for a long moment, before eventually he looked up to Cooper and nodded.

Cooper smiled at Finn and Kurt, a smile that didn’t look forced at all, and nodded himself, “Well, I suppose I’ve gained some little brothers!” At that Kurt and Finn cheered, and Finn even hugged Cooper. At that motion, Burt didn’t miss the way Blaine wrapped an arm around Cooper’s leg, as if wordlessly trying to assert that he’s Cooper’s brother first. But still, he had that light in his eyes.

Burt couldn’t help but marvel at how the teen who’d been terrified to make eye contact with him was so amazing with his sons. Sure, Burt knew logically that it was because adults had fucked Cooper over his whole life, that the only constant had been his little brother whom he had to raise. Of course he was going to be amazing with children and terrified of adults. But even so, it was a wonderful sight to see. One that both broke and warmed Burt’s heart in the same moment.

“And before the boys swallow all your attention, I’m Carole.” Carole said, stepping up and holding out her hand for Cooper to shake as Finn and Kurt stepped off to the side.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, ma’am. You have a beautiful home.” Cooper said, that timid, closed-off persona right back in place.

Carole smiled warmly, “Thank you sweetheart, that’s kind of you to say.” She looked down to Blaine and smiled, kneeling down she held out her hand, “I’m Carole, Blaine. It’s nice to meet you!”

Blaine, once again, glanced up to Cooper for permission before he took Carole’s hand and shook it. His hand was so small within hers, so tiny and fragile. He was so tiny and fragile, Cooper too. They were just kids. Burt and Carole couldn’t even fathom anyone ever thinking about hurting them let alone actually doing it.

Burt shook the horrible thoughts from his head. That was the past. Cooper and Blaine were in a safe home now. Hopefully a home they’d grow to love. “Well why don’t we eat before dinner gets cold?” Burt asked. Cooper and Blaine nodded, following the family to the table. But as they took in all the food, their jaws dropped.

“You…you didn’t make all of this for us, did you?” Cooper asked nervously.

Burt smiled bright, “Of course we did! This is your ‘welcome home’ dinner!” He turned to the table, “Now first I made steak but then I wasn’t sure if you liked beef so I made chicken but then I didn’t know if you even ate meat so I made Mac and Cheese but then I realized – what if they don’t like cheese? So I made mashed potatoes too and then of course we needed a salad and some dinner rolls and…I went a little overboard.” Burt laughed embarrassedly, shaking his head.

Carole came over and patted his cheek lovingly, “That’s why we love Burt. He tries way too hard.” She laughed. But Blaine and Cooper were still mesmerized by all the food.

“You—I—you didn’t have to go through all this trouble, sir.” Cooper said, looking almost ashamed that Burt made all this food for them.

“Nonsense! It’s no trouble at all! Like I said, this is your home now and I want you boys to feel like it is!” Burt didn’t miss the way Cooper’s lower lip quivered ever so slightly. Quickly he said, “Why don’t you boys sit down and dig in!” Cooper nodded, reaching down and lifting Blaine and placing him in the booster seat set for him.

Both boys waited, not filling their plates until Carole actually told them they could take whatever they wanted. Even then they took meager amounts, Cooper filling Blaine’s plate for him and taking less for himself. It took multiple comments of ‘This is for you, take as much as you want’ for Cooper to actually go in for seconds. After a while of watching Cooper look almost longingly at the food when he’d finished his meager portions, Burt simply leaned over and loaded up both Cooper and Blaine’s plates with a smile.

As dinner wore on, as Kurt and Finn chatted about choir practice and Carole told Burt about her day, Burt couldn’t help but keep looking at Cooper and Blaine. He watched as Blaine, even as he ate, reached over and wordlessly took Cooper’s hand. He watched as Cooper kept looking to Blaine, smiling at him, encouraging him to eat up. Burt wondered when the last time they’d received such a big meal and such a warm welcome was. Had the other homes they’d been so been this nice? Had it even mattered since they were separated? Burt didn’t know, he probably would never know.

All he was sure of now was that these boys were his boys now. He was going to do everything it took to make them safe, to make them happy, to make them smile. And from the way Kurt kept looking across the table to Blaine, Burt knew Kurt had similar goals. The father had never been prouder of his son.

And just like that, just from one simple dinner, the family of four had become a family of six. And Burt couldn’t be more excited to have many more nights just like this with his boys. All his boys.

[Part 3 Here]

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