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The Boy with the Laser Pointer (Skank!Kurt/Blind!Blaine)

Kurt isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he sees an adorable boy across the way. He’s certainly not his style. Kurt was a skank, he didn’t associate with bowtie wearing dorks…but somehow, that smile drew Kurt in. What is it about this unseeing boy that has Kurt letting his walls down?

Kurt Hummel had never seen this boy before, but he was pretty sure at this point everyone else noticed him. You kind of get noticed when you run around with a laser pointer.

Kurt sat in his normal spot under the bleachers outside. His fellow skanks were somewhere else today, he wasn’t sure. Probably skipping school or making out with a random trucker at the gas station. Whatever floats their boat. Quinn was somewhere, Kurt knew, probably stalking that Berry girl and secretly pining for her. Though she’d claim that wasn’t the case at all. Kurt had excellent gaydar, he knew.

Which is also how he knew The Boy with the Laser Pointer (yes, that is now his proper title) was batting for Kurt’s team.

Kurt took a long drag of his cigarette as he watched Laser Pointer walk (nay, bounce) across the grounds. He bopped his head as if dancing to a song only he could hear. He stopped walking when he neared a tree. Reaching out, he lightly touched it before slowly kneeling to feel the ground. Once seemingly satisfied, he sat down and pulled his satchel into his lap.

He dug around before pulling out a small sack and putting his laser pointer inside it, he also pulled out his ear piece (since when did they make Bluetooths that small?) and placed it in the sack too. With a smile he put that back into his bag and pulled a brown paper bag out.

Oh, is it lunch time? Kurt wondered, How many classes did I just skip? Aw hell it doesn’t matter anyway.

Taking another drag, Kurt watched with curiosity at the way the boy handled himself. Each one of his touches was incredibly delicate, no matter what he was reaching for. He bit carefully into the sandwich he had freed from its plastic wrap and chewed it thoughtfully. The way he looked up to the sky and closed his eyes, feeling the suns warmth kind of did Kurt in. He wasn’t sure what it was about the boy, the smile on his face or the pure…almost innocence of him. Kurt couldn’t think of a better word.

He had a beautiful face, skin slightly tanned to perfection, his hair styled perfectly but still fluffy looking. He wore a cardigan and a bowtie. Mixed with that boyish smile, he was literally the personified form of adorable. Kurt almost wanted to reach out and touch his soft looking skin, to hold him close and protect him from all the bad things in the world. He didn’t want The Boy with the Laser Pointer to lose that beautiful smile. He needed to keep smiling.

Without realizing it, Kurt found himself dropping his cigarette and walking carefully towards the teen. He’d never seen him before today – before this moment – and couldn’t think of hearing anyone else talking about him, not that Kurt really listened to what anyone else had to say. But still, one would think he’d have heard about The Boy with the Laser Pointer.

Before Kurt was even close, the boy turned his head slightly to the side, in Kurt’s direction. Kurt paused for a moment, watching at the teen just continued to stare in his general direction.

And then, suddenly, he spoke.

“I don’t bite.”

Kurt jumped, he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t expected him to talk. He’d almost been like a spectator at a museum, wanting to get closer to the beautiful artwork – but suddenly it had come to life.

“I mean, unless you’re a sandwich.”

Kurt paused for a moment, unable to stop the laugh that rumbled through his chest. Was this guy for real?

“See I knew someone was there.”

Kurt froze, what did he mean by that? He was looking right at Kurt. Taking a few steps closer, it took Kurt a moment to realize it. He could barely stop the soft Oh that wanted to escape his lips as he took in Laser Pointer’s eyes.

They were gorgeous. A beautiful shade of hazel, the colors exploding in those beautiful orbs. Kurt wanted to keep staring, he wanted to never look away from those beautiful eyes. But the beauty of them wasn’t what had taken Kurt’s breath away.

It was the way they swept around Kurt’s general direction, completely unseeing.

“Yes, I’m blind.”

Kurt jumped once again, unsure why the boy’s speaking kept surprising him. Kurt should have known, too, that even just the way he spoke would be beautiful. His voice was musical and rumbling, a wonderful sound Kurt would love to fall asleep to any night.

“And you’re apparently mute.”

“I’m not.” Kurt said, speaking for the first time before he even realized he’d done it. He carefully took a step closer. “Sorry, I was just…”

“Staring?” Kurt bit his lip hard, embarrassed, “It’s ok. It’s not like I can tell anyway.” Kurt’s eyes widened in surprise as a huge smile broke across the other boy’s face, a musical laugh escaping him. God, even his fucking laugh is beautiful. How can one person be the epitome of perfection? “Would you like to sit down and join me, or were you just people gazing?”

He’s sweet too. Kurt thought, surprised. “You’re not upset with me?” Kurt asked before he could stop himself. Since when do I fucking care if I upset people? My life is dedicated to upsetting people.

“Of course not!” Laser Pointer said brightly, “I mean, I know I’m not something you see every day.” Kurt paused, feeling bad for the poor boy. How often was he a spectacle? “I mean, I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich without jelly. How often do you see that?”

Kurt couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped him again. “You really are something else.” Kurt said as he slowly sat cross-legged in front of the boy.

“That’s what they tell me.” Laser Pointer said brightly, before holding out his hand. “By the way – my name is Blaine.”

Blaine. It suits him. “Kurt.” Kurt responded, taking his hand and shaking it. God his skin is as soft as it looks.

“Well Kurt, it is wonderful to meet you.” As they pulled their hands apart, Blaine’s fingers traced across Kurt’s skin until they were no longer touching, taking every moment he could to feel Kurt’s hand. It sent shivers up Kurt’s spine. “You sure do have a lot of rings!” Blaine said brightly, pulling his hand back to himself.

Kurt glanced down to his hand, suddenly realizing Blaine had no idea what Kurt looked like. Kurt considered himself, the low v-neck t-shirt, the studded and bedazzled leather jacket, the low-rise ripped jeans, the paint on his nails, the scuffs on his boots, the piercings in his ears and on his face, the bandana he wore as a headband, the different colors in his spiked hair, or even the makeup he wore on his face. Blaine couldn’t see any of that. All the things Kurt used to define himself, all the things he used to push people away…Blaine couldn’t see any of it.

He just sat before Kurt with a big goofy smile on his face, completely ignorant to the way society viewed Kurt, to the way everyone would glare at him for his style and life choices. He was a completely blank slate to Blaine, he could be anyone he wanted to be.

Kurt wasn’t sure why the thought excited him so.

“They were my mother’s.” He said as he looked down to the numerous rings on his fingers.

“Well, I’m sure she was a very stylish woman!” Blaine said brightly, and Kurt was slightly taken aback that Blaine didn’t immediately apologize or give his condolences when he noticed the past tense Kurt used about his mother. That was…refreshing.

“She was.” Kurt smiled, unable to stop yet another laugh. What was it about this boy? Had anyone in school seen Kurt with Blaine right now, they’d be shocked. They were so used to the bitchy, walls-up persona Kurt had. No one would ever believe he could be kind and even giddy.

But it was just…something about Blaine.

“Well, Kurt, would you like half of my sandwich?” Blaine asked, holding out the half he had not bitten from. “Or does the lack of jelly scare you?”

“Oh man, you sure are a trip.” Kurt said, rolling his eyes, but taking the offered sandwich anyway. “I’ll be honest – your dangerous, jelly-free lifestyle does kind of scare me…but I kind of like it.”

Blaine laughed brightly, his joyous musical voice filing the air like audible sunlight. Wiggling his sandwich he said, “Oh yes, I am very dangerous. Are you sure you’re prepared for this?”

Kurt paused, taking Blaine in. He couldn’t stop staring. Blaine was like a siren, a temptress that pulled Kurt in like a magnet and made him unable to frown or to say no. He was just…he was just something Kurt had never experienced. And they’d only had a 5-minute conversation.

“Oh, I think I can handle it.”

But if Kurt was being honest, he wasn’t sure how truthful that statement was. As he took in this adorable, bowtie-wearing, goofy-smile bearing, dork of a blind boy he wasn’t sure what had caused him to come over here. He had no idea what he’d gotten himself into by accepting a simple sandwich – would it be anything? Would it lead to a friendship? Would it lead to nothing at all? Kurt wasn’t sure…but oddly enough? He was kind of excited to find out.

“I hope you’re right, Kurt.” Blaine laughed, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Me too, Blaine. Kurt thought, staring at the boy once again. Me too.

[Part 2 Here]

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