Because All of Me Loves All of You

The phone shook in his hands, his fingers not quite pressing the buttons on the screen. He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans quickly, frantically, and pressed the camera onto his phone. He looked around frantically, peeking through the bookshelves he was hiding behind. His breath came out in short rasps, his stomach twisting. 

Finally, he managed to hit the little red button.

"H…hey, mom…dad…it’s Blaine." Blaine said slowly, voice barely above a whisper. He let out a shakey, forced laugh, but it soon disolved into a swallowed sob. Lower lip quivering, Blaine whispered, "W-well, obviously it’s me." Blaine looked around carefully, trying to make sure no one was around. "I…I just, I needed to say this…while I still can."

Taking a deep, shaky breath, he spoke on. “I…I know we haven’t…we haven’t been the closest. But…but you guys are my parents. And I-Blaine stopped, he bit down hard on his lower lip, glancing to the side to collect himself. Taking a wet breath, voice cracking, he whispered, “I love you both so much. And I-” A quiet sob broke through his words, “And I know you love me too, even if we—we have a hard time showing it—but I just…” Blaine gasped quietly, breath hitching. “I just needed you to know…if I don’t get to tell you…later.” 

Wiping at his eyes, swallowing hard, “I’m sorry for everything. Please don’t forget me.” With his hands shaking, Blaine whispered one last time, “I love you.” And stopped recording. 

His home screen popped up, his background a photo of him and his family at Christmas. Hugging the phone close to his chest, Blaine squeezed his eyes tight.

"I love you so much."  

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